Follow Our Simple Passive Strategy

Passive online programs can be very risky, but with the discipline to follow a simple strategy they can be fun and profitable


Develop a strategy for yourself and then stick to it and my best advice is to never, ever fall in love with any passive program because none of them will last forever. Heck most traditional MLM programs rarely make it past 3-6 months before fading away!

Below is my personal strategy, it works very well for me. Some turn out to be very profitable and some may result in a loss. One of the keys to my strategy is to diversify as much as you can, you want your eggs in as many different baskets as possible. It is easier to pick a winner at the track than it is with these passive online programs. Remember, the more you diversify the better chance you have to participate in the winners and participating in the winners is how you make an overall profit!


Step #1: Try to join the program within the first two weeks of launch. Don't worry there will be a new passive program launching in the next day or two.


Step #2: Compound 100% for the first two weeks in the business. 


Step #3: Compound 75% and withdraw 25% in weeks 3, 4, 5 and 6.


Step #4: Compound 50% and withdraw 50% in weeks 7, 8, 9 and 10.

Step #5: Compound 25% and withdraw 75% starting in week 11 for as long as the business is active and paying.

You can see the programs we are currently promoting from the Passive Opportunities tab and you can see all of our deposits and withdrawals in every opportunity from the Our Results tab.

CLICK HERE if you want on our Passive First Alert list. When new opportunities are added we will email the list every couple of days while we are still in the 100% compounding stage of the strategy. Once we move to 75% compounding we will wait and alert you of the next program.